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Physiomotive is a physical therapy centre that specializes in the fields of musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation and chronic pain management. We focus on treating every patient as a unique individual with different needs, preferences and history than any other patient.

We base our philosophy on three principles which are 1) patient centered approach, 2) “one to one” sessions and 3) cost effectiveness.

Physiomotive Benefits

Our principles


Individualized Approach


One to One Sessions


Cost Effectiveness

Home Visits

If you cannot come to us, we provide physiotherapy sessions at home or office.


Our team

Giannis Vasilogeorgis - Physiomotive Physiotherapist

Giannis Vasilogeorgis

MSc, OMPT, Cert Acup

Sofia Kousidou - Physiomotive Physiotherapist

Sofia Kousidou

PT, Clinical Pilates Instructor

Christina Dahri - Physiomotive Physiotherapist

Christina Dahri

OMPT, Clinical Pilates Instructor

Efi Mantellou - Physiomotive Physiotherapist

Efi Mantellou

PT, Clinical Pilates Instructor, Lymphoedema Therapist

Physiomotive Testimonials

Client Reviews

After many years of problems and in cooperation with another physio team in northern Greece, the people working at Physiomotive have helped me be able to walk again normally. It can be easily taken for granted, but it is not. Thanks to Physiomotive and their therapeutic techniques the results are great!

Olympia Tzima

Sofia and Giannis are worth much more than 5 stars! I was having a chronic problem with my lower back that affected my work and daily living as I was in constant pain. They showed empathy and concentrated on my problem and I felt that they know very well what they are doing. For one more time, thanks a lot!

DeeJay Stephanos

If you are seeking for physiotherapists with knowledge and experience, that are kind and excellent professionals, then you have to visit Physiomotive! A very nice place to be in!

Katerina Saropoulou

Expertise and actual love of what you are doing. You have earned our trust with your character and organized approach on your work. We thank you for everything!

Eva Dimitriadou

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