Sport Injuries Rehabilitation

Physiomotive provides rehabilitation services for athletes. With the appropriate set of equipment and also knowledge in this special field we help athletes that have acquired an injury to overcome their injuries and overuse syndromes and return to their high activity levels.

Such injuries can be an ACL or meniscal tear at the knee, an overhead shoulder problem, tennis elbow, hip tendonitis in dancers, hip adductor issues of footballers and many other athletic musculoskeletal pathologies. Some of these injuries may initially have to undergo surgery and then rehabilitation.

We follow internationally recommended guidelines available for such cases and we are in constant communication with you medical doctors, to provide safe and high standards rehabilitation of your injury.

Our fully equipped gym is at your disposal to perform supervised therapeutic exercise aiming at your safe return to your pre-injury physical performance levels. Physiomotive has specially trained physiotherapists for athletic injury rehabilitation who will be by your side through the whole process, always monitoring your progress and adapting the therapy plan to your needs and goals.