Massage Therapy

It is widely known that massage is a healing and pain relieving treatment. Our Center’s massage treatment provides immediate relief from pain. We modify the type of massage according to the needs of the client. If you are an athlete you may benefit from an athletic massage that will release your tight muscles, thus alleviating the tension caused by your strenuous activities. If you suffer from headaches the massage will be relaxing, focused on key points on the cervical and cranial area. Lots of people work for many hours sitting in front of a desk and get cervical or lumbar pain and stiffness. This can be effectively treated with a soothing massage session.

Some people ask us how massage works so well in dealing with somatic pain. We know from scientific literature that pain is a sensation that is caused by the brain when it needs to alert you that some part of your body may be under threat from something potentially harmful.

Fortunately our brains also have their own pain medication “kit” that they can use for desensitizing themselves and the spinal cord (top down inhibition). We know now that this “kit” works better when pleasant and soothing information travels from the body to the brain. It is thought that in this way the brain believes that the threat is no longer so serious and it can reduce the “distress call” a.k.a. pain.

Massage can be extremely pleasant and soothing and with regard to the latter it can serve as a facilitator to the brain’s desensitizing mechanisms. On the other hand massage is thought to also have local positive effects. Tightened muscles with painful trigger-points will relax and recover after a massage and pressure point therapy. This subsequently will lead to pain reduction and better movement of the body.