Therapeutic Exercise

Physiomotive is an exercise orientated rehabilitation center. We focus a lot on bodily movement and how it can reverse musculoskeletal pathologies.

Your body is made for movement and sensation of movement (proprioception). It is built in a way that when there is impairment of movement and function, accompanied or not by pain, it can self-regulate itself through movement. This way at Physiomotive we strongly believe that there cannot be rehabilitation of such pathologies when the element of movement through exercise is missing.

Massage and other modalities may reduce pain but this is only to open the window of opportunity for exercise. Without exercise there cannot be functional restoration of movement and thus pain and disability will return.

There is also a substantial body of scientific evidence that pain free rhythmical movement, as in exercise, can help the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain) desensitize itself and apparently reduce the sensation of pain. Be ready for movement that is safe and always (constantly) supervised by our physiotherapists when you decide to come to Physiomotive in order to recover from musculoskeletal, neurological and chronic pain syndromes.